Steady progress. contacts on holiday so no reply from KMC. Maybe next week.

MIrfield remains unbuilt but Huddersfield is getting close to completion. The base is down and the top dressing has been added. Two pictures here show the overall look which is a grey top surface (not surprising when it’s 6mm to dust granite) over a fairly compacted sandstone base. There is a granite topping but there’s not much of it as it was more dust than 6mm. If they add more granite 6mm and no more granite dust then it may come out looking a bit like Wetherby.


The surround is still to be sorted.

There are piles of ashphalt and turf and I talked to the two lads working on it (Julian & Sean) and they  reckon it will be at least a month before it’s finished.

There will be a path surrounding it and grassed areas as well. We’ve suggested clubhouse and a few other items but they’re not thinking that far ahead.

No plans yet about how it’s going to be marketed or promoted but I’ve volunteered to help. An Indian summer would help the french game…

Click to enlarge pictures.



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