Public Meeting

It’s time to start

The weather’s been quite kind and (famous last words) no sign of significant snow and ice so let’s pull together the blog followers, the email followers and get this show on the road.

What show? A petanque club based at the Greenhead Park terrain with between 20 and 50 members, regular meetings, the occasional club competition and a social fixture with our nearest neighbours (Heckmondwike).

To set things going there will be a meeting at 12 noon on Sunday 23rd February at the community room at the Park (next to the café). All welcome; agenda supplied on the day but the basic aim will be to discuss and decide on what sort of club we want.


After the meeting I hope we can start taking members from in March with a view to holding an inaugural AGM in April where more formal things can take place. A committee, a constitution, insurance, membership fees, dates of club meetings, volunteers to help organise the club sessions.

We’ll need a base for club stuff (spare boules, paperwork, numbers) and I hope the Community room will provide this.

We’ll need to agree on some days for club sessions for members only and I think we’ll have to continue with Sunday afternoons in the short term and add a weekday afternoon session and in summer an evening session. We’ll also have to organise some competitions and fun events.

Hope you can make it. Once we’ve decided some basics we’ll run for a few weeks and then hold an AGM, collect subs and confirm or change this.

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