We’re in the media (2)

yrmag2Not content with the Huddersfield Examiner we’re now to be found in the Yorkshire Ridings magazine.  As well as features on major cities tucked away on page 32 is an article called “The french game that’s conquering West Yorkshire” and you can see pictures taken at Heckmondwike, Honley and of course Huddersfield with accompanying text saying how great a game Petanque is. The article is by a local man who you might remember turning up, asking questions and taking photos in the autumn. The only thing missing is contact details for the clubs but hopefully people will be able to find Heckmondwike, Honley and Huddersfield terrains.

The mag costs £2-25 and we found our copy in Tesco’s. If you’re a quick reader you could read the whole article in 5 minutes but you might need longer trying to spot people you know in the photos. I’ll bring my copy this sunday, Let’s prepare for a rush of members starting with the meeting on Sunday at noon!

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