Meeting with KMC Tuesday 18th March

people-meeting1Present Robert Whitaker, Paul Simpkins

We discussed a base for the club to store paperwork, spare boules, rakes and maybe chairs. (The community room and the restrictions imposed by the café owner on its use make it impractical).

Two options were considered  – one a shed/clubhouse next to the terrain within the hedges. This was difficult for KMC as there was no funding available and if the club put one there it would a) cost money and b) raise issues of security and whether it was in keeping with the grade 2 listing of the park.

The second option of the park office (far end of community room & café) seemed more promising. It’s currently in use by park rangers and police as a base but infrequently and when the question was asked if the club could use it the answer wasn’t no. Other people will need to be consulted but it looks like a possibility. I asked for a key and that will be considered.

There will be KMC staff in the park on summer evenings until 1800 or 1900.

Minor works to the area surrounding the terrain will be tolerated. Park benches are unlikely as there is no money left. We can string the terrain to split it into 10 lanes. We can stencil lane numbers on.

The club will need £5m PLI insurance to use the rooms and the terrain once constituted. No way out. We can buy this from various sources and proposals will be brought to the AGM. This will have an effect on membership fees.

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