Plan your August

We have a few events planned. They’re posted on the gate and in the clubhouse but here’s a reminder. We have 41 paid up members – let’s see you at some of these free and fun events. Best attendance so far is 18 for the Triples competition.

single-300x222Sunday 17th at 1pm is Club Singles event. As the name suggest you’re on your own against another club member and it’s first to 13. We’ll play 3 rounds and after that the 2 highest ranked players who will play a final. The twist is that each club member will be given a handicap as in Golf. Good or experienced players will start from scratch but beginners will receive a start from 1 to 7 points which they will use in every game. So if a beginner plays the club chairman the score before the first end is Beginner 7-0 Chairman. Singles games tend to be shorter so the whole event will only take about 2 hours and everyone can watch and cheer for their favourite with the final on Piste 10. No entry fee; members only; handicaps set by club committee. Winner walks away with title of Club Singles Champion.


MeleeThursday 21st is our only evening melee of the season so let’s see if we can reach double figures. Start at 6pm and hopefully 3 rounds but we may have to cut it short if it’s bad weather. Bring your favourite lemonade and a bag of crisps and we’ll put out a dozen chairs and make a bit of a show. No entry fee; members only;


petanqueTuesday 26th is our last planned afternoon melee.

Same as previous paragraph. Hope for a good afternoon and we should manage 3 games. No entry fee; members only.

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