Membership explosion!

bangNot expecting much apart from getting our new club polo shirts for the first time it turned out to be a fantastic day of petanque with at one stage 25 people playing and many newcomers promising to join.

Christine, Alan, Dick, Martin, Julie, Denise plus two whose names we missed but are promising to join Tuesday. If it all goes well we’ll jump to 49 members .


And Roy’s melee is on Tuesday


As Paul is on holiday for most of September Roy and Sue will be running the show and Roy’s first event is the melee on Tuesday 26th August at 1pm.

Members only; No entry fee; no prizes just the satisfaction that only winning can give. Three rounds where we keep scores. One individual will win the whole thing…


And Thursdays will continue for a while.

ThursdayWe were planning to stop Thursdays at the end of August but they’re proving popular with members who are still working (hard luck!) so they’ll continue as long as the light holds out.

If you can arrive earlier than 6pm it would help.

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