We hit the half century

50mphTaster sessions started in October 2013; the organisation was constituted on 13th April 2014 and 20 weeks later we have recruited 50 members. Our basic plan was 40 members in year 1 but we have exceeded this comfortably. I did hope for 50 before Xmas but now I think we can think even bigger. Welcome to all 50 of you. The numbers at the regular club sessions are growing and it all looks good. Roy did ask a few weeks ago “How many members can we cope with?” Over to you members…

4 thoughts on “We hit the half century

  1. Sue

    Nice that all members are willing to do a bit of PR while Roy and Sue were busy. Mary chatted to a couple, Robin explained the game to Kath & Martin (2 possible new members) and they were invited to play a few games. Well done team!!!

    1. huddersfieldpetanque Post author

      Next taster sessions on sundays will follow the pattern of recent weeks. We set out a few chairs for spectators (and members) and a member who’s not too busy talks to interested people and invites them to try it or at worst watch for a few minutes. I don’t think there’s the need for formally announced or organised events. (Paul)


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