Revenge is sweet

Huddersfield Petanque v Heckmondwike 9th Sept 14 007[1]

After the first round it was 3 games each; after the second round Heckmondwike were leading 7-5 but following a phenomenal 3rd round where Huddersfield won 5 out of 6 games it finished as a 10-8 victory for Huddersfield. Points difference was +12 to Heckmondwike but it’s wins that count. A fantastic performance from Huddersfield. Here’s the scores. Notice how close the third round was. It could all have been sooooo different.

Home A 11 13 Away A Away
Home B 5 13 Away B Away
Home C 13 4 Away C Home
Home D 4 13 Away D Away
Home E 13 7 Away E Home
Home F 13 6 Away F Home
Home A 4 13 Away B Away
Home B 8 13 Away C Away
Home C 13 8 Away D Home
Home D 4 13 Away E Away
Home E 7 13 Away F Away
Home F 13 3 Away A Home
Home A 4 13 Away C Away
Home B 13 12 Away D Home
Home C 13 12 Away E Home
Home D 13 10 Away F Home
Home E 13 11 Away A Home
Home F 13 12 Away B Home
Home wins 10
Away wins 8
Home Points 177
Away Points 189

Thanks to everyone who helped out in erecting the gazebo, hauling the chairs to and from the store room, attaching the banner to the railings and generally being helpful. It looked a bit full at times on the terrain but there were the largest number of players ever on there… About 33. Add in a few spectators and a Tournament Director ( Ted) and it was about 40.

Here’s to the next match in the endless series…


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