A terrain full of people

poker-set..and dozens of spectators made over 60 people playing or watching last sunday. There were 20 teams playing a mixed pairs competition over all 10 lanes and after 3 rounds the top 4 were 2 teams from Heckmondwike and 2 from Huddersfield who shared the prizes There were many positives – the new stringed pistes worked well; the raffle went well and everyone had a good afternoon.

It was by far our biggest event and we’ll be holding more. It’s proved that Petanque can work in
the park. It’s fun; it keeps you fit and it’s easy to learn. Our next big event is the first sunday of the month melee on December 7th (members only) and in January there is a regional event with players from all over Yorkshire on the 18th.

The image? It’s a full house.

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