Boules offer

lafrancIf you’re thinking about buying a set the club has negotiated a special deal with Complete Boules.

They supply La Franc boules which are approved by EPA for use in all competitions.

They’re Carbon steel matt finish. Roy has a set he’ll show you. You can choose from a range of weights and diameters and patterns.

They are normally £55 plus postage total £67-92 but we can get a set for £51 including postage if we buy 10 sets at once. That’s about 20% discount.

Contact a Committee member with your requirements in writing.  The graphic says £49 but it’s out of date. I’ve printed the patterns below so they’re easier to see.

On Thursday we had 5 people interested. We’ll update this post if others join in. UPDATE. 16/11/14 Orders coming in, 7 so far. Email Roy with your weight, diameter & pattern. 


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