Regional Event

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January 18th dawned clear and very very cold. Club members were at the terrain early getting it ready for visitors from around the region for another heat (if that’s the right word) in the Northern Winter Pairs. And they turned up.

44 players plus another few supporters and during the day we saw a few club members dropping in for a look but having enough sense not to play. It was bitterly cold and the terrain was covered in a severe frost. We were advised not to rake it so we began with an all white surface. By the end of the day it was all grey. In between it froze solid, melted, broke up and made accurate pointing difficult. However over 5 rounds the better players came through and Northern President Alan Swift and his partner England international Angie Gaughan won the substantial first prize of £50. On the way we saw sunshine, rain, sleet and snow showers and by 3pm most folk are happy to be getting back into nice warm cars and going home.

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Update – the full results can be seen on Northern Petanque website. Highlights are clearly Hope & Dope team made up of club members Roger & Jane Farrar who won 4 of their 5 matches. The lower end of the results sheet was filled with plenty of HPC members but after exposure to severe weather and some of the best players in the northern region several still said they enjoyed it. We’ll do the same in the summer when it will be hopefully much warmer.

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