You might have played against an International.

Angie Gaughan from York played in a regional event on Sunday 18th in Greenhead Park Petanque terrain. It was meant to be a warm up for a big match later in the month but on the day the temperature never rose above zero and the whole event was played on a covering of snow. After 5 rounds and over 5 hours play Angie and her partner Alan Swift were the only team to win all their 5 matches and walked off with the first prize. Huddersfield Petanque club members Jane & Roger Farrar won 4 out of their 5 games and ended up 7th out of 22 teams.


A week later and 30 degrees warmer Angie was in the south of France playing in the World Championships. Some of you may have played against her in the cold and the snow on the 18th January. The hard work you put in then may have helped her but in any case you can now say you played against an international level player.

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