Triples postponed

tripelIt was a dull day but at 1pm we only had 16 players which made it difficult to play the planned Triples event. Everyone agreed to do a pairs event and we’d hold the triples later in the summer.

So we made up some teams and started on a 3 round snake with maybe a final at the end. Another player turned up so she joined an existing team which was already in play.

At the end of 3 round only 2 teams had won all their games. Martin & Julie with +29 points and Paul, Sandra & Janet with +19. So a comfortable win for Martin & Julie.

At this point some went home as it had been an on/off rainy type of afternoon but the top two teams decided to play a final. This had added spice as Sandra knew Martin & Julie well as she was Martin’s mum. And the match went the way of the oldies as Paul, Sandra and Janet beat Martin & Julie 13-4.

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