Triple Winners at the Lemonade Melee

IMG_0012Today the shed was painted and thanks to Roy, Sue, Brendan, Julie W and Robin. Many hands made light green work with an ash white trim. Or as one of the painters said “It’s like a bloody swiss chalet”

In the afternoon there were a few games but in the evening we held the first melee where members brought lashings of lemonade to drink.

The club provided crisps, peanuts and red hot chilli peanuts and a good time was had by all.  21 players in total and after 3 rounds there were 3 players, Robin, Colin & Paul all with 3 wins and all with a points difference of +21. With the sun past the yard arm and heading down to the sea there was no time for a playoff so we have triple winners. Jacob also won 3 and had a points difference of +12. We all enjoyed it so much we will hold another evening melee soon maybe with Ginger Beer as well!

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