Regional Triples

IMG_0047Bolstered by a stern talking to from Chairman about playing at a higher level and determined to work as a team 4 teams from the club had a go at a 5 games in a day event with a few quality visiting players from around the region. They played well and Robins Nest can boast of a good 5th place.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out at 8-30 am to set up for the day and who all chipped in with raffle, organising and provision of refreshments. We provided a scratch team on the day to make the numbers up to 10 teams and over the course of the day we had many club members popping in to have a look and encourage the players. Lots of spectators as well. At one time there were 50 people at the terrain.

The scoresheet (above) went through several revisions as helpful players worked it out their way but it was checked before the results were announced. Visitors won the three cash prizes but all HPC teams played well and it was great day of Petanque.

Next opportunity is Sunday 30th with Summer Wine Pairs. Register in advance please


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