Members Meeting 18th October

member1) It was agreed that each year we would adopt a charity to support with events and raffles during that year. Members to be polled early January via website and newsletter.
2) Members to be invited to suggest ideas for events for next summer’s programme. Website and newsletter.
3) A letter to be written to Clare Berry who supervised the installation of our Mediterranean Garden, following up the email previously sent, congratulating and thanking her and the students and suggesting the area be considered for further projects. Possibly invite her and the new students to a pétanque event. Contact address needed.
4) Name badges for members. This suggestion was not supported by the meeting but it was decided that club members would wear badges when hosting an external event and visitors would be given hand written sticky badge labels.
5) Robin volunteered to take over the role of External Events Organiser from Roy and was co-opted onto the committee. Roy to send him some information.
6) Brendan agreed to re-paint the lane markings and numbering and also look at the boule holes in the terrain perimeter wooden surround.
7) Terrain grit. The feeling of the meeting was that we needed to add more before next spring.
8) Julie reported all OK with club kit but would investigate a playing top made of lighter material (weight not colour!)
9) External coaching was accepted as a good idea. There will be a cost involved so we need to establish what that will be and how many members would want to take part. Roy will progress with a view to a session next spring.
10) A late Christmas event was supported to be held in January 2016. Marsh Conservative Club is a possible venue. The quiz night on Friday 30th will be a good chance to consider the suitability of this venue.
11) Members to be urged to add names to the lists in the clubhouse for a) The ‘Give a Hand’ charity mêlée on Thursday 29th and b) The Quiz Night at Marsh Conservative Club on Friday 30th

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