Quiz Night


Friday 30th was our first Quiz night. Marsh Conservative Club was the venue and 24 members turned up to drink beer and wine, eat pie & peas and try their hand at some quizzes. The idea was to have a few small quizzes rather than a big one and thus have more people winning something. Read on.

We started with  Rules of Petanque quiz (available for your petanque club quiz night here). Roy was the question master and a prepared sheet of 10 multiple choice questions was circulated but the total number of correct answers was 13. After 15 minutes and a drink or two and an argument or three The winners were The Marshians which was Brendan’s team (which happened to have three quarters off Marsh Liberal Club quiz league team in it).

Next was a version of Countdown. We had 7 teams, Rock & Roll, Sumo, 3 Scottish fillies, GD, Livesey Family, Dolphins and Marshians so we played 7 rounds of word games and tried 2 numbers games. The game was dependent on an online connection which was a bit slow and seemed to disappear when we tried the numbers games but each team chose their vowels and consonants and a countdown timer played while people worked out their best words (and sometimes afterwards as well).

Notable successes were Barry getting 712 right on the button on his own in a Numbers round and The Livesey family nearly spelling Pharaoh correctly. Some sets of letters were hard. In the end Livesey family were on 37 points, Marshians were on 31 but the counundrum round NSOMREWEC was guessed correctly by Marshians at 29 seconds on the clock. They jumped to 41 points and won the event. Next stop Pie & Peas and Dingbats. We looked at Dingbats as we ate all the pies.

Scores were low but Rock ‘n’ Roll were winners with 7. A good clear copy is available for anyone who wants to try it. My favourite was No. 6 – Love, Honour and Obey. Even when you know the answer you wonder why.

Finally after a raffle we set about the 10 question but 100 answer quiz.  This proved tough and scores were lower than anticipated but  Dolphins (Pauline, David, Christine & Michael) won with a score of 58/100 just ahead of Marshians on 57/100. Dolphins also managed to remember the 10 events of the decathlon to score a maximum in one round.

By 1030 it was winding down and people were going home. The club made a good amount for Club funds and most people said they enjoyed it. The pies being voted the best part of the evening. We’ll do it again next year. New quizmasters actively encouraged.

The answer is NEWCOMERS.

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