Rita wins at Bingo

bingo_nameTuesday 10th November was our first Bingo boules of the autumn. The game was invented in Heckmondwike for cold days when you don’t want to stand around waiting for your next game while a slow game grinds to a conclusion. When one team shouts bingo it means they’ve reached 10 points. At this moment every game stops and scores are recorded. Then we redraw and start again quickly.

It’s quite a fast format. We proved this by playing 5 games in 70 minutes. The original version also counted ends played and gave players a point for each end plus the normal points. This version still exists in some rural areas of Liversedge.

Winner was Rita W who had 33 points including 2 tens. Second was Phil (1 ten and 29 points. Third equal Sandie & Rita S with 27 each. Scores went down to 8. 17 people played and seemed to enjoy it. We’re waiting for a really cold afternoon to play it again.

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