A souper sunday

Bowl of vegetable soupIt was cold but not too cold but we decided to play Bingo boules a) because people like it and b) because it was actually quite cold. So we did.

An amazing 20 people turned up and we played 5 rounds rather quickly  and at the conclusion of this we all had a mug of soup while the scores were being added up to find the winners.


Prepared in the Greetland soup co-operative it was butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot and parsnip flavour. Additional ingredients included garam masala, cinnamon, pepper, salt and paprika plus a large tub of double cream. It went down well and we had many volunteers to cook for our other soup melees throughout the winter.

The games. It was a triumph for the Livesey family taking 3rd place with Sandra and first place with Martin with 3 ten pointers out of 5 games. Paul was second.

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