February Melee

Windy_2_tnbA good day with 23 players who experienced cold, wind, sun and rain at various times. Only 5 players won all three games and Paul was the best with +25 followed by Brendan on +24 and David on +23. In the very last game of the afternoon Maggie was sittiing on a +24 diference and 2 wins. All she had to do was win and not concede more than 11 points. The game went to 12-12 and with a 13-12 win she would still have been joint top. As it was she lost 12-13 and the chance was gone.

The league table is very close with 3 players bunched together at the top with 2 hanging on about 8 points behind and a gaggle of long shots around 20 points behind. Only best 3 scores count so some players have had their 4th score deleted. See this pdf for the results. My computer is playing up so I can’t upload as normal.

hpc winter league 2016 feb best 3


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