Winter League Climax

hudd weath

Set fair for the big finish of the winter melees. Cold but dry. There will be a trophy presented on the day previously held by Daniel and Roy and there could be a surprise. Ladbrokes have stopped taking bets.

There have been 4 events so far (January was rained off) and there are about 10 people who can realistically win. Here’s where we are with the contenders.


With the rule that best 3 results count it’s possible that someone with a low score will jump many places as someone with a high lowest score doesn’t beat it (if you see what I mean). Putting it another way Robin, David and Roy have to have a very good result to improve but Sue, Yvonne, and Alasdair are certain to improve. There’s a further complication. Robin and Rita are on holiday enjoying the sun (Tee Hee).

See you Sunday. BBC weather forecasts are never wrong. Link to full table under earlier post at beginning of February. See archives.

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