Robin is Winter King

King_Winter_DrawingIt wasn’t a grand finale. Only 13 turned up – the rest presumably being fed for Mothers Day by their children at gastro pubs around Huddersfield.

Meanwhile back at the terrain 3 rounds were played and the only person to win all three was Fred who is today’s winner!

All the contenders needed a turnout of over 20 so they could pick up over 15 points but it just didn’t happen. The best performance was Alasdair who leapt into 8th place with a solid performance.  So with Robin and Rita and the Wigginers missing the top 5 didn’t change at all. 44 players took part at some stage over the winter.

Robin – your trophy is being engraved – we’ll present it when your’e ready. See full results by clicking on link below

hpc winter league 2016 mar best 3

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