Yorkshire Winter league

winter legueIn addition to our monthly member melees which leads to a local winner there are a series of Winter Pairs events around the Northern Region starting very early on Sunday mornings and playing 5 games. These are for the die-hards of the game; the people who can’t survive without holding 700g of cold steel in the palm of their hand once a week; the people who have a wardrobe full of wet weather gear and thermonuclear underwear. (I mean what time do you set your alarm for on a winter sunday duvet wrapped morning with breakfast in bed and the sunday papers if you have to make a 0945 start in Bridlington and you live in Golcar and it’s gently snowing?).

But these events are popular and the nearer they are to Huddersfield the higher the number entering. Best of the season was Heckmondwike in January where 24 teams squeezed into Firth Park and a week or so ago Huddersfield had 22 teams. I wasn’t there but Club Secretary and Treasurer both told me it was a great day. Good weather; great people; good games although not everyone from Huddersfield won a game and a great raffle. Roy said “I think the day went brilliantly from a club point of view and lots of players spoke to me afterwards saying how well the day had been run by the club so a feather in everyone’s cap! It was good to see non-playing members turning up to help and staying to support”

Best performance on the day was Brendan, one of our promising young shooters, playing with Yvonne, one of our promising young pointers, who showed what teamwork can do. They won 4 out of 5 and although they missed out on the prize money it shows that local players are capable of holding their own at a higher level.

The final Winter Pairs was on the 20th March and the winner of the season prize was Mike Walkley, regional coach, who won playing 45 games and winning 39 of them. Ted Beetham was 8th but a little further down the list Brendan was 49th (played 10 games and won 6 which is a very good result from a newcomer to this level of play). The total number who took part in the winter league was 113 and 11 of those  were from Huddersfield!

So we’re on the way up and on the way out. We can host a big event; we can play in bigger events; soon we’ll be winning significant numbers of games at these events.

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