First League Fixture

leagueMonday was the first of 6 fixtures in the West Yorkshire League and the team did really well winning 4 out of the 5 games in the fixture. The team was Robin, Rita, Brendan, Sue, Mike & Christine Kinder and as well as winning 4 games they built up a useful points difference of 22. Next fixture will be a home match on Tuesday 26th April at 1300. There will be room for casual play as well or you can support the team. Well done the captain & the team.

Update late tuesday night. Leeds beat Hecky 4-1 with a points difference of 21. Huddersfield are top of the table after week 1. I know that not everyone is a Northern member so don’t have access to the results so I’ll always post a weekly update here. NP uses the word Match which is the same as our word Fixture. It’s games that count followed by points.


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