Triangular Match

triangleSunday 26th June saw teams from 3 local clubs battle it out over 4 rounds in a triangular event. 4 pairs from each club played 4 games (2 against each of the other teams) and after 3 hours of to-ing and fro-ing and bits of skill and also luck a winner was announced.


In the interim players took light refreshment in between rounds and chatted and everyone got on really well. Mirfield had a few guest players; Heckmondwike had 2 dutch guest players and in addition to the 24 playing in the match there were a dozen or so casual players and a few newcomers playing as well so nearly 40 people in total. The terrain was very nearly full.

Round 1 was won by Hecky with 3, Hudd 2 and Mirfield 1. Round 2 was the same. Round 3 saw Hudd have 3 wins, Hecky 2 and Mirfield 1. The last round saw a magnificent display from Mirfield winning all 4 of their games with Heck and Hudd taking one each.

After it was all added up it meant Heckmondwike had 9 wins, Huddersfield 8 and Mirfield 7. A close run thing. Heckmondwike volunteered to host the next triangular event one day in the future.

If you want the fixtures for a triangular event look at where there are many useful routines for competitions.

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