Results update

Due to lack of pictures and other factors we’ve not reported the success of some of our recent events. So even though we’re still missing some pictures here’s what’s happened.

14th July Bastille Day. Limonade et Liberte


There were a few frenchmen and women and wine and peanuts were consumed copiously. After 3 rounds the top two players couldn’t be split  both being on 3 wins and +16 points so Brendan & Yvonne were the winners.

17th July was Club Triples competition.


It was also a special day for two of our youngest members. Martin & Julie were leaving us to live in France so we gave them a card and said Goodbye. We’ll be seeing you again when you arrange the Franco-Britannic competition.


In the meanwhile the triples winners were Sandra, Malcolm and Rita W. Worth noting that Rita is our most decorated triples player winning for the second consecutive year.

26th was our Midsummer melee starting early  at 1030 and fitting in 5 games and a lunch. Surprisingly only 14 were there at the start of the day but 4 more arrived just before 1 o’clock. The day was complicated by Roy and Colin (probably the two best players on the day) being drawn toegther for the first 4 games. In the last round they weren’t and Colin suffered his only defeat which allowed Roy to scoop the first prize. Colin was 2nd with 4 wins and a large points difference.  Marie won 3rd with 4 wins and a smaller difference.

This coming weekend is generation game but there’ll be room for social play as well.



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