All for one, One for all.


Brendan, Robin, Sandra and Malcolm did some splendid work in the heat of Wednesday and the rain of Thursday to clear pistes 8,9 &10 of the existing grit, install the wooden separator between pistes 7 & 8 then spread the new grit onto pistes 9 & 10. They must have worked very long and hard in testing weather conditions on both days.
More of the new grit is needed to cover piste 8. This will arrive soon. The grit removed from 8,9 & 10 has been redistributed over 1-7 but needs more raking to even out the coverage.
Roy said  he threw a few boules on the new surface and liked it. Very different characteristics requiring different throwing techniques – just what the club wanted.
Thanks to the 4 musketeers who did all the work and can anyone else can join Roy on Saturday about 1400 to do more raking? Also your chance to throw a few boules before next Sundays’s competition.

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