New Year – New Rules

rules69-620x400Busy day  January 1st as it is also the day a number of rule changes come into effect. The main one affecting play at club level is under Article 6. Start of play and rules regarding the circle which states:-
The team winning the toss or the previous end will have one attempt to throw a valid jack. If this jack is not valid it is handed to the opposing team who may place it at any valid position on the designated terrain.
Subsequent clarification has confirmed that the team placing the jack may use a measure to place it at exactly 6m or 10m if they wish. 
Other changes of interest are:- In all cases the circles must be marked before the jack is thrown. This is good practice anyway but becomes important If a player picks up a circle when there are boules still to be played, the circle is replaced but only the opponents are allowed to play their boules..
Article 27, Removed Boules states If a player picks up his boules from the playing area while his partners have boules remaining, they will not be allowed to play them. (note to our lady members. I am quoting the rules exactly as written by a group composed largely of men and nearly all continental. Clearly the correct terminology should have been his or her !)
Article 3. Approved Jacks this now states Their weight must be between 10 and 18 grams. It has been suggested that the dimpled jacks that some members have recently acquired are outside these limits and if so they cannot be used.
There are two copies of the new rules in full in the club house. The changes and additions are printed in blue for ease of identification
The club will run a talk session about the rules in a few weeks.

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