Bell Book and Candle

img_0004Or as the say in ‘uddersfield Bell bum and domino.

For some time we’ve drawn attention to any team losing 0-13 by ringing a bell and inviting the losers to kiss a bare bottom (known as fanny). it’s an old tradition often quoted as “fanny paie a boire” which means losers get the drinks in.

This year we’ve decided to reward achievement rather than embarrass people so today we instituted the Six Blank award whereby anyone who scores 6 in one end gets to wave a giant domino around and have their photo taken.  We didn’t think this would happen so quickly but less than 2 hours later it did.


The players who demonstrated this supreme skill were Jane, Martin and Marie. Here they are with our makeshift domino. A local joiner has been commissioned to make a 3ft by 18 inch domino for extra dramatic effect. Losers in this game were Brendan, Paul and Richard. What’s worse is the domino effect – the team scoring 6 were on 7 points so accelerated through the tape to win. Watch this space.

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