Sunday & Tuesday – 2 big days for our club. 

On Sunday we travel to Mansfield to play against one of the bigger clubs in the UK. So there won’t be anyone to open the old club house. There will still be some members there no doubt and play can go ahead but it won’t be a typical Sunday. It’ll be quiet.

On Tuesday we take possession of the new clubhouse. It’s also called the community room. We have keys, we will be moving stuff from the park ranger room and we’ll be making a celebratory cup of coffee and munching on a biscuit. Come along and see it, have a cuppa and a hob nob, help shift stuff and throw in your ideas about what we can do with the room.  We’ll be there from noon.

We have booked it for our 3 regular sessions but can also use it if it’s free at other times. We will share it with other community organisations but they won’t be there at the same time as us. We also have access from inside the room to the public toilets so if someone closes them at 2pm we can still use them.

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