Mansfield 14 -10 Huddersfield

There will be many pictures as we’re still collecting them from many people and we’ll put them all in the gallery when they arrive.

The whole day was wonderful. Parking was free once you worked out where to park; the terrain was large having been made from a disused crown green. There were many different size pistes and the members are very friendly and helpful. Playing on a different terrain was strange but the whole event was played in a friendly but competitive manner. There were leagues in the first 3 games then the teams were seeded for their final game. The best team on the day were Robin, Rita and Phil and they received a bottle of wine each. The match score however was 14 – 10 to Mansfield.

A surprise prize was also given to the Huddersfield team. It was a 30 litre boiler.

I had noticed they had two and jokingly said we’d take one off their hands it they didn’t use it and out of the blue after the results they gave us a boiler. View it in our new clubhouse whenever you’re passing. Here’s the evidence.

We’ll also be presenting a trophy to the winning team from Sunday and then trying to win it back when we have a return match on 20th August and we’ll be using the boiler then.

More pictures in Gallery soon.


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