Mixed Pairs

After the 3 round snake The Dolphins (David & Pauline)  and The Beeches (Sandra & Geertje) shared 4th place on 2W + 2 and won their entry fee back ie £4 each team
In 3rd place were Maureen and Sandie with 2W +12 who won £5
Only two teams won all 3 games in the snake – Trafford 1 (Aly & Chris) with 3W + 18 and Rhythm & Soul (Roy & Sue) with 3W +29!
Rhythm & Soul were helped to their +29 by scoring  a maximum 6 TWICE during the snake rounds! Following the raffle draw these 2 teams played a final game.
Trafford started well gaining 5 points in the first end but Huddersfield  replied with 4 points in the second end. The next few ends were close but R&S gained the upper hand and emerged victorious with a win to 10.

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