Raffle prize game

In May a grand dinner was held to raise money for a local charity. Many prizes were on offer in the raffle. One of the prizes, donated by Huddersfield Petanque club, was a taster session of up to 8 people lasting 2 hours at our terrain.

Francesca won it and with her friends Jadene, Emily & Steph turned up on Friday to claim their prize. They were met by 2 members who gave them basic instructions in how to play and afterwards had 2 games. The techniques improved as time passed and Emily became a really good pointer and Steph fancied her chances as a shooter. They all had a good time and went away happy. They’re unlikely to join the club as 2 of them are emigrating to Vietnam next week and Jadene lives in Leicester but it was a worthwhile exercise. They also seemed very young as they kept on taking photos and using snapchat whatever that is. In the picture above they’re practising pointing. A selfie was also taken and promised to us but it’s not arrived yet.

If you want a prize for your next raffle at your posh charity dinner please ask us. We’ll print you a voucher which you can offer as a prize.

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