York winners

10 people from Huddersfield were part of the 44 who attended the Fox melee today. And we walked way with many prizes and a podium finish.In case you didn’t know Stockton on the Forest holds a monster melee every month in the summer. You pay £3-50 for 5 games and get lunch and a raffle thrown in. It takes all day and the standard is variable. You can play with good player or with a complete beginner and you change partners 5 times. It’s great fun.

After the first 2 rounds (and a picnic lunch) there were already some strong performances from HPC members and after lunch this continued. Rita P won a game, Sue &  Christine won 2 out of 5, Roy, Elisabeth, Paul & Richard won 3, Kevin won 4 but the star of the show was Sandie who won all her 5 games. There were 2 others who did but on points difference Sandie ended up 3rd out of 44 players. A fantastic performance considering the 2 players head of her were Dag and Rosanna both experienced York league players.

Here she is showing off her bottle of wine for 3rd place alongside a man folding up a chair. Other successes were in the  raffle where 6 prizes were won by Huddersfield members including a Swiss roll, a bag of sweets and 2 bottles of wine.

Overall a good day out. There’s another one next month. Why not have a go?

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