Huddersfield 13 Mansfield 11

Earlier in the year we went Mansfield to play an inter club fixture. We took 18 players and Mansfield provided the same and we played four rounds of Triples with the final score being Mansfield 14 Huddersfield 10. At the time we said that the losing team would provide a trophy for this fixture. So the first thing to do at 11am last Sunday was to present Mansfield with The Huddersfield Cup. Here’s Paul presenting the cup to David. Then the games began.

We played the same format which is worth other clubs having a look at (see later) and by 4pm Huddersfield had won back the cup by beating Mansfield 13-11. David meanwhile had presented us with a pennant to add to our collection.

Not long after that we took photos of all players, Teams, best teams and other interesting things which can be found in the gallery. There may be more to come as many pictures were taken all afternoon.

The cup comes home.

The format? This was started by Mansfield and we continued it. Each club supplies an equal number of Triples teams ( we had 6) and each team plays 3 games against 3 different teams from the other side and each game is on a different piste.  For the 4th and final round the teams  are ranked according to their performance and the top home team plays the top away team right down to the worst home team v the worst away team so in the final round the teams play someone at their level. Best home team and best away team win a bottle of wine each.

We’ve made a scoresheet that keeps track of this and we’ll pass it on to anyone who is thinking of  a social fixture with another club. Here’s our completed version.

Hudds v Mans Aug 20 2017

On the way we had a fabulous lunch with all sorts of sandwiches, bhajis, pork pies, sausage rolls, crisps, salads plus an enormous carrot cake, a Tiramisu cake and a red velvet cake. Assorted drinks were also available.

All in all a great day of friendly but competitive Petanque. We’ll be doing it again next year. If any club out there want to play Huddersfield on this basis we’d be glad to do so.

A brilliant day out.

Tuesday 22nd at 1300 is a midsummer melee. £2 to enter. 4 rounds, Cash Prizes!

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