Pay to play Tuesday

15 people paid £2 today to play in a 4 round melee. Just as we were starting 2 more members hove into view and we briefly thought about re-drawing the games but the 2 decided they would just practise so we carried on

** Note to all members ** Parking is difficult. Leave extra time to arrive on time.

So we played 4 rounds and only one player won all 4 and that was Marie. With a point difference of +28 she was clearly the best on the day and won a nice little £15.

Four players won 3 games. Sue had a points total of +8, Paul had +16 but Phil and Kevin were tied on +20. It was either split the money or gamble on a one end playoff. Both players opted for the playoff and it didn’t take long. Phil was nearest after 3 throws and Kevin had one shot to either outpoint him or shoot him out. The shot missed and Kevin took home £5 with Phil trousering £10.

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