Last of the summer wine event

Robin works out the maths…

The 4 round, “Last of The Summer Wine” Open Pairs event was an interesting event.

Five “pairs” entered. So we fiddled about with the 8 pairs sheet, slightly getting disorientated and hoping that no pair would come round the corner.
Sort of did in the form of Pauline so Pauline joined Rock ‘n’ Roll to become Rock, Roll & Razzle & I had to improvise. So, I thought 4 round snake – no problem we each play the other teams.
Unfortunately the bye round for each make it 5 rounds – the ex accountant needs to go back to basic sums.
Heavy rain nearly stopped play in the middle of the last game when 3 teams were playing for 2nd & 3rd place.
Beeches had already claimed top place, so like seasoned troupers we carried on.

Anyway to cut a long story short we all had an enjoyable day with results: 

Beeches (Malcolm & Sandra)       3 wins +12  £10
Red & White (Fred & Melvin)        2 wins +8      £6
Twin Peaks (Kevin & Christine)    2 wins -0       £4
2 Bob  (Bob & Sandie)                  2 wins –5     Nowt
Rock, Roll & Razzle                       1 win –15     Bugger All

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