York Team Event

Sunday 22nd October saw this event take place. 10 teams of 6 players each turned up at the Fox in Stockton to play at 9am and being as it was our first such event we weren’t sure what the format would be. Roy, Sue, Brendan, Paul, Kevin and Christine were our team. Photos of our team may surface on the dark web shortly.

The format was 3 pairs followed by 2 triples. Wins were assigned different points. A win where opposition scored 6 or more was 2 points, a good win (opposition scored under 6) was 4 points and a thrashing (opposition on zero) was 6 points.

Here’s the complicated master score sheet where you can see some of the team names and some results and points scored. And here’s Huddersfield’s results.  Round 1 was difficult getting used to the terrain and the level of play which was quite high. We scored nowt. Round 2 there was a single win but in Round 3 there were 3 wins. No big wins so we ended the pairs on 8 points and were tying for last place with 3 other teams. The triples went badly although 2 games that looked like wins suddenly turned into losses (8-3 up and lost to a 4 and a 6 in consecutive ends and 11-9 up and losing 11-13) and we stayed on 8 points to end up as the strongest team in the competition. (Holding the rest up). Overall result yet to be announced but we’ll bring it to you when we see it. We left before the end.

Overall it was great day out. 60 dedicated and competitive players (many who had represented the region and a handful of internationals). Playing good players is important to improve our own levels. It would be nice to see similar event down here in the sticks (Kirklees). We have a terrain big enough with a good clubhouse; we have capable organisers; we have an empty calendar for 2018. How about it Hecky?





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