Annual Dinner 2018

Time is running out for people who want to attend our Annual dinner on Friday 12th January 2018. The limit is 40 people and we have 32 booked so there are only 8 places left. All it takes is a £10 deposit plus you to choose your meal from a list of choices and you’re booked. There are menus in the clubhouse  and in addition to the meal there are many games and awards to play and hand out.

Total cost is £25 which includes a two for staff. We’ve had a few of these and they’re good fun. We will be presenting 5 petanque oscars on the night and there will be plenty of prizes for the games and the raffle. Ask a committee member if you want to now more.

December Members Melee is on Sunday so there will be plenty of people to tell you what the dinner is like.

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