Shed Wars. Victory to the members.

Despite being strapped together the roof continued to deteriorate thanks to Storm Dylan and Storm Eleanor and one day in January the committee decided that the roof had reached the end of its useful life. Action was needed. Quotes were received – one of them for more than the value of the shed but a DIY solution was preferred.

So Compo, Foggy & Cleggy (Brendan, Paul & Pete) met at B&Q one day and decided they would buy some corrugated bituminous roofing and repair the roof themselves. It only needed 3 cups of coffee and a calculation on the back of a 3 round snake  scoresheet to work out that it would be £180 for materials or £162 if they used Cleggy’s over 60s discount card the following Wednesday. This roof (Corrubit) was also guaranteed for 10 years

In the meantime Bob and Nigel and Robin (who are fortunate not to have nicknames) joined the team and on Wednesday 7th they bought the materials, turned up on site in freezing temperatures and effected the repair.Thanks especially Bob, Nigel, Robin, Compo, Cleggy and Foggy.A few finishing touches needed and it’ll last for another few years. A new bigger clubhouse is planned and we hope its will be here the year. See Menu Bar.

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