Video Games

This morning a hurriedly arranged video shoot took place at Greenhead Park. KMC had a team looking at all the activities in the park and filming people with the strapline Try it?. Dozens of people wearing bibs were moving from activity to activity and trying them all. Walking football, Tennis and of course petanque. Brendan, Fred and Paul were there to help out and over a dozen people tried Petanque for the first time. One intriguing game took place and was videoed where Team A played a good first boule and Team B played all its 6 boules and failed to beat it. The cameraman handed 3 more boules out and told Team B to keep playing. Even with 9 boules they didn’t take the point. Made good footage tho’.

Later on they interviewed Paul as a talking head direct to camera about the game. It was quite surreal as the interviewer was the cameraman and he didn’t actually know what questions to ask so it was all unscripted and impromptu. Hope it comes out OK.

We were told we could have copies of the videos so we could put them on our blog.

The camera crew was local outfit so I said I’d put a photo of their business card on our site.

Here you are Quickfoot Media.

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