Open Meeting and AGM

The dates are now set for these 2 events

The Open Meeting will be 1300 in the community Room on Sunday 25th March. Some members have some concerns they want to air prior to the AGM.

The agenda is still being written but so far we have..



  1. Members should have voted on the lease.
  2. We are concentrating more on Northern events
  3. What about members who can’t play because of Northern events
  4. Members should have been consulted about the bowling green offer.
  5. Who is liable for the lease
  6. Will we be liable for Council tax?
  7. Will our PLI increase?
  8. When the top part is developed into extra terrain will the club have to go through the same procedure as now because it isn’t on the lease with the extra legal payment that entails?
  9. The committee needs more members to share the workload.
  10. What events should be in the Summer Calendar
  11. AGM preparation. Advice from committee re elections, nominations  and motions.
  12. AOB

Anyone can add to this or raise matters at the meeting. Talk to or email a ctte member.



The AGM will be at 1200 on Sunday 8th April in the community room. The agenda will be..




  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Approval of minutes of 2017 AGM and matters arising
  3. Committee Officers report
  4. Approval of accounts.
  5. Motions received
  6. Election of Officers
  7. Date and venue of next AGM Noon, 14th April 2019
  • Last year’s Minutes and budgets are available on the club website from 1st April
  • No Motions or Nominations can be accepted from the floor of the meeting. These have to be submitted before April 1st to the secretary.
  • Subs will be due at the conclusion of the AGM

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