Members Open meeting report

The discussion lasted over an hour and these are the main points

  • Agenda items 1 & 2. Should we have invited members to vote on the lease?   Yes 8  No 22.
  • Should we go ahead with the lease.    Yes 22  No 2  Abstentions 6.
  • We are concentrating more on Northern Events – no support from the floor
  • Agenda item 3 – We have 26 licence holders = 70% of our active membership. Four Northern events 2018. One Bronze so every member can enter, one Silver which 70% of our active membership can enter. Two Gold which 38% of our active members can enter. ( we have 72 members of whom 37 are considered ‘active’) Northern events at most happen on 4 days out of 156.  For our Silver event on 10th June we have 8 players from Norway and 1 from Finland. Northern events bring kudos and recognition to our club.
  • Should members have been consulted about the bowling green ‘offer’? No support from the floor
  • Agenda items 5 to 8 answered by the Chair
  • Agenda item 9 – Chair listed the positions that need filling
  • We should insure the new club house – no support from the floor – but we will get a quote
  • Entry fees for club comps. Have 3 levels this year 1. FOC  2. Entry fee but club retains 50%  3. Open as now with entry fees returned as prizes
  • Thursday evenings to be kept April to September. Hold some comps on Thursday evenings. Recognised that some members will still want to play Thursday afternoons.
  • Run the ‘Pentathlon’ comp again and ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Fixed Jack’ also. Rules on notice board for Shotgun and Fixed Jack.
  • Playing by the rules – problems of enforcement and penalties discussed. Short version of Rules to be reissued. We should play to the rules at all times but not be too heavy handed for social play.

It became clear that extensive work done by the committee on the clubhouse project had not been relayed to the members. Decisions taken had not been communicated. Committee will communicate better to members from now on.

Committee roles needed. 4 committee members are not enough to provide all the functions and open clubhouse/shed on every playing session as they all have family issues, grandchildren, holidays, illnesses etc. We need more helpers. Without more help some services will have to be cut. The following positions would be very useful. Members could do the job without needing to be on the committee and attend meetings.

a) Fund raiser. Probably a bonus ball sweep. Someone who members know and who is a regular attender. Maybe other topical events.

b) Raffle organiser. 6 a year & aim to raise £300 a year

c) Catering officer. To organise food/drink for major events. Probably only 6 a year. To organise annual dinner.

d) Marketing & media officer. To promote the club and get new members in.

e) Playing officer to do Calendar and organise inter club fixtures.

If you’re interested please contact a committee member or email us. Deadline is midnight on April 1st. This is not a joke.

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