Easter melee

First monthly melee and before we all started Pete Cowley was presented with his trophy for winning the winter melee. fbff8495-eb56-4f8c-9c26-d6039d661f63There were 15 people there today but it was a bit cold… Only one player won all 3 games and that was Paul. 5 players won 2 games and as there were 5 eggs to give away Bob was the unlucky player who had the worst points difference with 2 wins. e4d82b0a-38c6-4ed2-b720-7bd6a5b7bb94Table looks like this. We love chocolate but some of us were too cold to smile

player Apr
Paul 13
Reg 12
Marie 11
Richard 10
Rita S 9
Bob 8
Robin 7
Fred 5.5
Margaret 5.5
Sue 3.5
Maureen 3.5
Rita P 2
Sandie 1
Pete 0
Brendan 0

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