June 10th Pairs Rules.

Huddersfield Petanque Club.  June 10thOpen Pairs Competition.

  • Fully subscribed – no places left.
  • Start at 0945 with draw for leagues. No seeding.
  • Play 3 rounds within your league then lunch.
  • During lunch teams are ranked. One boule tiebreaker if needed to resolve ties.
  • After lunch knockouts are seeded. 1v 8, 2 v 7 etc
  • All finals will be played on pistes 8,9,10

5 league winners & 3 next best teams are in Main Competition. Quarters, Semis & Final. Prizes; 1st-£60, 2nd- £40, Losing semi-finalists £15

Next 8 teams play in Plate Competition. Quarters, Semis & Final. Prizes; 1st– £30, 2nd– £20

Last 4 teams play in consolage. Semis & Final. Prize; 1st– £20

In the event of a team not taking their place a local team may enter on the day or teams due to play the absent team will win 13-7.

In the event of a team going home early their opponents will have a walk over or a 13-7 win depending on whether a league/knockout format.

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