Shotgun Pairs

Great afternoon of petanque playing our first ever ‘shotgun’ competition.
Started with an admin hiccup when the organiser tried to make 19 players into 17 doubles and 1 triples team and use an 18 team snake score sheet and then read out opponents for the first round. It wasn’t ’till I got to team 9 and realised they had no opponents that I realised I’d cocked up. Some teams had already chosen their piste!
Resolved fairly quickly once I realised what had happened with a redraw of 3 triples teams and 5 doubles teams. Did it that way rather than 1 triples and 8 doubles to avoid any bye’s being played.
Oh the joys of being the organiser! Everyone was very understanding and the only person upset by the fiasco was me!
So to the results:
2 teams scored no wins, 2 teams scored 1 win each. 2 teams scored 2 wins and 2 scored 3 wins
In 4th place and just missing out on the prize money with 2W + 3 were Robin, Rita and Maggie
In 3rd place with 2W + 8 were Sandra and David W – £4
Second with 3W + 20 were Phil and Richard – £6
And today’s winners, despite all the early aggravations, were Fred, Rita S and Roy with 3W + 24 pts. – £9

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