Wonderful Wednesday at Wigginton

We were invited to take part in a quadruple tournament by Wiggington PC. Also invited were Bridlington and Hollicarrs. It was played similar to league games whereby teams played 2 triples and 3 pairs except each team did it 3 times so each team played 15 games in a day. Sounds a lot but it started at 1000 and was done by 1700. In the middle a sumptuous lunch was consumed. On the way there was unlimited tea and coffee and soft drinks. There were interesting elements. Games were time limited to 50 minutes. If time was called during an end the end was finished. This meant there were some draws (shock, horror).

At the conclusion of the day 2 teams tied for 1st place – Wiggington and naturally Huddersfield. The only way to split them was points difference and there were 4 points difference in favour of Wiggington. Our private expectation at the start was to win 50% of the games we played. We won 56% and came joint top.

The team of Elizabeth, Sandie, Rita, Richard, Phil, Fred, Roy and Paul performed brilliantly. They played at least 4 games each and some played 5 games. Teams were mixed up but everyone played their part and learned a lot about competition play and how to manage games. Our team colours looked good – 50 shades of green.

We enjoyed it so much we volunteered to host a similar event in September at Huddersfield.

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