How lethal is a piece of string

When we started we had no strings. As we grew and held competitions we added strings around the perimeter and also between pistes. Then we removed most of the strings between pistes and left the perimeter strings. Today all the strings went. Some pegs came out; some pegs stayed in but the strings went.It wasn’t an easy decision. At a committee meeting last week we considered all the options and there were many of them. On one hand perimeter strings were good and we felt we needed them for bigger events. Other clubs almost all had perimeter strings. On the other hand some members had tripped up and fallen on our perimeter strings. No major damage but any fall when you’re over 60 isn’t much fun.

One problem was that our terrain once levelled is now as wavy as Liberace’s hairpiece. In some places strings span a 4m gap 20mm above the ground. Some are buried in gravel. It just ain’t flat. Visits to other clubs show little evidence of tripping up on strings but the evidence at Greenhead Park was building up.

So we’re not having strings unless there’s a big event and we only anticipate half a dozen of these a year. Today’s melee went fine – no strings and no problems. We’re looking at alternatives to strings and it seems at the Marseille event currently being played that they manage with football style white lines. We’ll keep monitoring the situation.

What do you think? String puns welcome. As long as they’re about string.

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