Men vs Women

Other local clubs put on this type of event and it’s been popular so we started our version Tuesday. 17 players were there and with a little juggling we had 4 teams on each side. We only played 3 rounds although we could have played 4 but it was a touch warm in the sun (and when the cloud cover came over chilly).

After round 1 it was 2 games each; after round 2 it was 4 games each but after round 3 it was 7-5 wins in favour of the men. The men also had the better points difference.A tasteful silver vase was presented to both captains after the event. The winning team will now decide what to call this trophy and we’ll have the base engraved. Roy’s suggestion of “We hammered them” wasn’t well received. We’ll play for this again in Spring and also in autumn next year. Here’s another picture of the captains.

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