Double Elimination Knockout

Sounds painful but it’s a nice format as after the first round even the teams that have lost still have a chance of winning a prize. This is what you do. First hope that entries are a multiple of 4. If so draw the teams from a hat. 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4 etc. You can find preprinted sheets on the net to do this or do your own. After the first round of games winners progress to the main prize but those who lose move into the consolage competition.

We did the draw for the consolage by saying first to lose is 1, next to lose is 2 etc. So after the first round both competitions are programmed to the end. Let it roll.

We took £1 from every player and we were lucky to have 16 players. Winners of main prize (Kevin & Christine today) won £10. Winners of consolage (Robin & Rita) won £6. Players who lost both their first 2 games were eliminated and played a friendly game at the end.

Several positive comments about the format at the end. Little did they know we were lucky to have a multiple of 4. If you are unlucky and have a funny number of teams you have to have a preliminary round where the best 4 (or 8 or 16) progress to the next round and the rest enter the consolage which then does the same type of preliminary round and the best 4 (or 8). If you have odd number of pairs so may need one team to play a bye and win 13-7.

It can all be done with a pen and a piece of paper on the day and being as scores don’t matter just wins players can be more aggressive rather than playing to “limit the damage” and “keep in touch  with the other side”.

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